Naperville divorce order modification attorneyNavigating life after divorce brings its own set of challenges, and sometimes, circumstances can change significantly. When these changes occur, modifying certain aspects of the divorce agreement may become necessary. Understanding the process and requirements for post-divorce modifications is crucial to ensure that the legal and practical aspects of the agreement continue to align with a family’s evolving circumstances.

Understanding Post-Divorce Modifications in Illinois

Once a divorce decree is issued, it becomes a legally binding court order. However, if circumstances change substantially, it is possible to seek modifications to certain aspects of the divorce decree. Modifications may involve child custody, parenting time, child support, or spousal support (alimony) orders. It is important to note that modifications can only be made with court approval.

Naperville Marital Property LawyerFinancial transparency is crucial to the divorce process. Spouses can only divide their shared assets and debts when they fully understand what they own and what they owe. Spousal support and child support calculations require an accurate understanding of each spouse’s income.

If one spouse is not being truthful about his or her income and assets, it can have a major impact on the divorce settlement. The innocent spouse may be ordered to pay more support than he or she can truly afford, or may end up with a smaller share of the marital property.

DuPage County divorce attorneyThere is no doubt that social media has become a major part of our lives. Most people have at least one social media account where they document the events and activities they participate in. Facebook alone has more than two billion users and is also cited in one out of every five divorces that occur in this country as it has become a conduit to discover evidence of infidelity and other bad behaviors a spouse may be engaging in.

In addition to having the potential to harm a relationship, social media posts can also be harmful while someone is going through a divorce. It is important to remember that posts, photos, and comments can be used against you by your spouse’s attorney, even affecting how child custody is decided by the court.

Naperville, IL divorce lawyerWhen you are getting a divorce in Illinois, the courts require that each spouse submit a full financial disclosure in order to ensure the final divorce settlement is fair for both sides. One of the most critical documents that both parties must submit is a financial affidavit. Even if the divorce is a friendly and agreeable one, this is a required document.

What Information Is Required?

Spouses’ financial affidavits are used to get a clear picture of what the marital estate looks like and what the financial standing of each spouse is. The court will use this information to determine several issues, including property and asset division, child support, and spousal support.

Who Pays for College When Parents Divorce?

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lombard-il-divorce-lawyer.jpgEvery state makes its own laws when it comes to divorce, child custody, and child support. This also includes whether or not a parent will be responsible for any contributions towards their child’s college education. In Illinois, the state is committed to ensuring that every person has the opportunity to obtain an education. This can also include requiring a parent who has the means to pay towards their child’s college education.

Illinois Law

Under Illinois law, the judge presiding over a divorce can order parents to pay for a child’s educational expenses. This not only includes tuition for school, but also can include other educational-related expenses, as well. This may include books, supplies, housing, food, and other expenses associated with the child completing their studies. It is also important to note that this order does not just cover college or attending a university but can also cover the cost of the child attending a vocational school, trade school, or any other training for a career.

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