Young Adults May Struggle to Cope with Parents’ Divorce

 Posted on November 29, 2017 in Divorce

Illinois divorce lawyersParents do not typically consider the thoughts or feelings of their adult children when deciding whether they should divorce. Most assume that their child’s life will not be directly affected, but this can be incorrect. In fact, an expert from Texas A&M is now speaking out about how divorce can affect young college students – and many families are better for it.

Divorce and Adult Children – When It Hurts

Children may not ever do well with the news of a divorce, but as they get older, they start to gain more insight into life and relationships. Young adults are different. Though they may be independent, they still need support from their parents. Divorce can leave them feeling as though that support may not be available. Another possible issue is that divorce may cause unnecessary stress when young adults are dealing with big life issues of their own. For example, if they are in college, their grades may still slip because they are distracted by thoughts of the divorce or how each of their parents is doing through the process.

Should You Consider Your Adult Child’s Take on the Divorce?

It might seem strange to consider an adult’s child feelings and opinion on a divorce but doing so could improve outcomes for them. For example, if a child has finals coming up, it may not be the best time to divulge that a divorce is on the horizon. As such, parents in such a situation may want to simply wait until finals are over to discuss the divorce. Doing this is not only respectful of the adult child’s life, but it also helps ensure they have the time and energy needed to deal with the stress, should it be an issue for them during your divorce.

Our Naperville, Illinois Divorce Lawyers Can Help

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