What To Do If You Are Charged with Sexual Assault After a College Party  

 Posted on November 04, 2022 in Criminal Defense

DuPage County Sex Crimes LawyerFor college-aged individuals, fall holidays and football games often involve parties in which people are drinking alcohol and using drugs. It is not uncommon for college students to be accused of engaging in non-consensual sexual conduct during these types of events. Party attendants may be accused of having sex with someone who was too intoxicated to consent to the activity, or even charged with forcing someone to have sex against their will.

If you or your college-aged child have been accused of sexual assault or rape, make sure to secure strong legal counsel right away. Allegations like these have the potential to completely derail a person’s future, leading to years of incarceration and a lifetime of stigma.

Do Not Talk to the Police

People accused of crimes they did not commit often think they can clear things up by simply being honest. Instead of taking advantage of their right to remain silent, they speak freely to police without an attorney present. Unfortunately, this rarely works out the way a criminal defendant hopes. The prosecution can take what was said during police interrogations and twist it to demonstrate the defendant’s guilt. If you were accused of sexual assault, do not answer the police officer’s questions. Wait until you have a chance to talk to your lawyer before deciding what information to share.  

Help Your Lawyer Gather Evidence

You can help your lawyer build a strong defense case by providing as much information and evidence to him or her as possible. Text messages, social media messages, photographs, and videos are just some of the types of evidence that may be useful in your case. Tell your lawyer everything you can remember about the evening, including who was present during the events surrounding the alleged assault. These individuals may be able to act as witnesses during the case.

Stay off of Social Media

Most young adults interact on social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok several times a day. However, after an allegation of assault, one of the worst things you can do is post about it online. Anything you say can end up being used as evidence against you during the criminal case. It may be best to just stay off of social media entirely during this tumultuous time.

Comply With Protective Orders and Do Not Contact the Accuser

If you are accused of sexual assault, the alleged victim may get an order of protection against you. The order may require you to stay away from the person who accused you, or if you live together, temporarily move out. It is crucial that you follow the directions contained in the protection order – even if you are innocent. Violating an order of protection can lead to additional criminal charges and hurt your chances of an acquittal.

Contact our DuPage County Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

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