Updating your Will upon Divorce

 Posted on April 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

It is important to update your Last Will and Testament upon finalization of your divorce. The entry of your divorce decree (Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage) does not automatically remove your former spouse from your Will. If your former spouse remains listed as a beneficiary in your Will at the time of your death, he or she will be entitled to those assets awarded to him or her pursuant to your Will, despite the fact that you divorced, unless you amend or revoke your Will prior to your death. Additionally, if your Will is inconsistent with your beneficiary designations for your life insurance policy and/or retirement accounts, such discrepancies may cause your former spouse or other descendants to challenge your Will, which will delay the administration of your estate. To ensure that your final wishes are met, call us for a free consultation to discuss any changes you may need to make to your Will upon divorce or other life-changing events.

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