Is Your Spouse Considering Divorce? These Financial Clues May Be a Good Indicator

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Naperville IL divorce lawyersCouples rarely reach the decision to divorce at the same time. Instead, one party may reach the conclusion and start laying the groundwork before they discuss the matter with their spouse. The result is a blindsided individual who is at a distinct disadvantage in the divorce planning process. Thankfully, it may be possible to recognize the signs of divorce before your spouse decides to tell you. Just look for the following financial clues.

Changing How They Manage Their Money

Spouses who are planning on divorce are typically advised to open their own account. The goal here is to separate your income from your spouse’s, even before the divorce process starts. It gives them the opportunity to start saving and planning for their new life. So, if your spouse has stopped their direct deposit, is making large cash withdrawals, appears to have stopped or reduced their retirement contributions, or is acting like they may be hiding money, he or she may be preparing for divorce.

Asking You to Change Your Spending Habits

If your spouse is the primary breadwinner in your home, he or she may ask you to change your spending habits. For example, they may place you on a spending budget, or they may request that you provide an accounting of everything you purchase. This type of behavior, and many others like it, are often a clear indication that your marriage is headed for a divorce.

Becomes Pessimistic About Business

If your spouse owns a business, he or she may try to prime you for the divorce by trying to make you believe that they have suddenly fallen on hard times. The goal is to hopefully convince you that there is less money so that you will ask for less in your divorce settlement. It is highly advised that you do not take your spouse at their word and, instead, seek assistance from an attorney if you start to notice any suspicious business-related behavior.

Showering You with Gifts and Other Pleasantries

While some spouses attempt to hide money out of selfishness, others start to feel guilty about their decision (or the actions that lead them to it). They may start to purchase large, expensive, or extravagant gifts, or they could plan a vacation that seems out of character (i.e. finally taking you on that cruise). Note that spouses may not do this intentionally. In fact, some use this tactic as a last-ditch effort to save their marriage, only to find that they are no longer invested.

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