Seeking Temporary Support in a Pending Divorce Case Can Improve Your Immediate Circumstances

 Posted on December 27, 2017 in Alimony

llinois divorce lawyersIndividuals who may be eligible for alimony or child support tend to assume that they must wait until their divorce is complete to receive any form of financial relief. Thankfully, this is not the case; depending on the circumstances, divorcing parties may be eligible for temporary support. Learn more about the measures that can improve your current financial situation, even if your divorce is still pending, and discover how an experienced divorce lawyer can help.

Temporary Child Support

If you and your spouse share a child together and they spend most of their time with you, you may be entitled to child support – and you do not have to wait until the divorce is over to receive it. Instead, you may be eligible for temporary child support while your case is pending. You can seek this through the courts, or through the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). An attorney can help you determine which option may be most appropriate for your situation.

Temporary Spousal Support

Although alimony (spousal support) is awarded far less often in divorce than it once was, some individuals are still considered eligible for this form of financial support. Most often, these are spouses who have made some major sacrifices for their family. They may have given up careers, education, or training to care for the children they share with their spouse, or they might have done so to help advance their spouse’s career. Either way, (and the potential gain that a spouse may be receiving because of that sacrifice) the individual may be entitled to spousal support – even if only temporarily. You do not have to wait until the divorce is over to collect this form of support. If you are eligible, contact an experienced attorney to learn more about your options.

Contact Our DuPage County Divorce Lawyers

While you could seek temporary child support  or spousal maintenance on your own, without the aid of an attorney, legal assistance is still highly recommended – not just because it increases your chances of a favorable outcome, but because having an attorney can reduce stress and worry while you navigate your way through the shaky ground of divorce.

At J. Aldrich Law, P.C., we work hard to improve your financial situation – now and on into the future. Get the representation you deserve during your Illinois divorce. Call 630-953-3000 and schedule your personalized consultation with our DuPage County divorce lawyers today. 


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