School Zone and Bus Driving Restrictions

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So long as you have been properly notified by a sign or flashing signal, the speed limit in a school zone on school days is 20 miles per hour. Pay attention to the notification posted because the conditions under which the speed limit changes varies among cities, towns and villages. In some instances, the speed limit only drops to 20 mph if children are present during school hours. However, in some school zones, the speed limit is 20 mph on school days regardless of whether children are present, during the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. In some areas, the school zone speed limit only applies if a flashing light is activated. When in doubt, it is better to reduce your speed near a school to avoid being pulled over and ticketed. Police officers, prosecutors and judges take these tickets very seriously due to the risk of harm to young children. That is why you cannot receive court supervision even for a first time offense, which means unless you beat the ticket altogether, a conviction will go on your record.

Additionally, all drivers approaching a school bus from either direction that is loading or unloading children must stop until:

  1. signaled by the school bus driver; or
  2. the school bus resumes motion; or
  3. the visual signals (stop sign signal arm and/or flashing red lights) are no longer activated.

The Secretary of State will suspend the driving privileges of any person convicted of a first offense for three (3) months and any person convicted of a second or subsequent offense for one (1) year. Given the severe impact either of these tickets can have on your driving record and privileges, it is important that you contact an attorney. We are experienced in complex traffic matters and offer free office and telephone consultations.

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