Can I Lose My Illinois Driver’s License for a Traffic Violation?

 Posted on September 29, 2021 in Traffic Violations

Naperville Traffic Defense LawyerAccording to Illinois law, there are many traffic violations that are not considered criminal offenses, and as such, it is easy to view a traffic ticket as more of a nusance than a serious concern. However, there are circumstances in which the penalties for a traffic violation can be quite a bit more serious than a fine. If you have been charged with multiple traffic violations in a short time, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney to determine whether your driver’s license may be at risk, and to develop a defense strategy that may help you avoid conviction.

Driver’s License Points and Suspensions in Illinois

Illinois has a system that allows for the suspension of a driver’s license when the driver has a certain number of traffic offense convictions within a specified time period. For drivers over the age of 21, a license suspension is possible when the driver has three or more convictions within a period of 12 months. Drivers under the age of 21 are subject to more strict conditions, as they can have their license suspended if they are convicted of two or more offenses within 24 months.

While the number of offenses will determine whether a suspension is issued, the severity of the offenses will determine how long that suspension will last. Each traffic offense in Illinois is assigned a certain number of points, and once a driver accumulates enough offenses to trigger a suspension, these points are added together. A higher total will result in a longer suspension, and in some cases, a revocation.

Protecting Your Driving Privileges

If you have been charged with a second or third traffic violation that could result in a suspension or revocation, it is ill-advised to simply accept the charges or try to fight them on your own. By working with a traffic violation defense attorney, you can better protect your rights and contest the charges levied against you. An acquittal or dismissal of charges can allow you to retain your driving privileges and avoid the inconvenience of a suspension.

If your license is suspended or revoked for multiple traffic violations, you may be able to apply for a conditional license that allows you to drive under some circumstances. Once the suspension period or the minimum revocation period has ended, you can also take steps to apply for reinstatement, provided that you have not committed any further violations during that time period.

Contact a Naperville Traffic Violation Defense Lawyer

A conviction for a traffic offense can have more serious consequences than you expect. At J. Aldrich Law, P.C., we can help you contest a traffic ticket and protect your driving privileges. Call us at 630-953-3000 to schedule a free consultation with a DuPage County traffic violation defense attorney.




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