4 Ways to Prevent Car Accidents due to Texting while Driving

 Posted on February 28, 2018 in Criminal Defense

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_124527448.jpgSince texting became popular about a decade ago, drivers have taken their eyes off the road and hands off the steering wheel in order to text. Texting and driving, which is illegal in Illinois, is a common form of distracted driving that often leads to serious accidents and injuries. In order to prevent texting-while-driving accidents and keep yourself as well as others safe on the road, you should adhere to these four tips:

  1. Turn Your Phone’s Volume to Silent. You should make it a habit to turn your the volume on your phone to silent every time you get behind the wheel. This way, you will not be tempted to text your friends and family members while you are driving. It is also a good idea to turn your phone’s vibration off as a vibrating phone can tempt you to text as well.
  2. Make Sure Your Phone is Out of Sight. While turning off a phone’s volume and vibration may help some texters, it may not be enough for drivers who may be slightly addicted to texting. To resist the temptation to grab your phone and check whether you have received a text message, you should make sure your phone is out of your sight. You can put it in your back seat or even in your trunk so that you have no way to reach for it.
  3. Pull Over and Stop If Necessary. If an emergency situation requires you to send a text message or answer your phone, pull off the road and stop your car. Once you have taken this safety precaution, you can text or speak on the phone. Tell yourself that if the issue is not important enough for you to pull over and stop your car, it is not important enough for you to risk getting into an accident because you were using your phone while driving.
  4. Take Advantage of Apps. There are a variety of apps available to help prevent texting and driving. Live2Txt allows you to block incoming calls and texts while you are in the driver’s seat. SafeDrive is another effective app that can reward you with points if you do not text and drive. These points can be used towards discounts at select retailers.

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